Slab Track Systems for High-Speed Railways

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Slab Track Systems for High-Speed Railways

Mensagem por George Rangel » 22 Jan 2015, 10:45

Autor: Georgios Michas (Michas, G.)

Orientador: Dr. Elias Kassa

Instituição: Royal Institute of Technology
Departamento: Department of Transport Science, Division of Highway and Railway Engineering
Cidade: Stockholm
Ano: 2012
Michas - 2012 .pdf
In the last 40 years an increase in train speed and axle load around the world and other challenges in the conventional ballasted track system gave birth to ballastless railway track system. This study examines in depth the various slab track systems that are being used today. Their design characteristics as well as the various requirements for efficient use are thoroughly explained. At least 34 different ballastless systems have been recorded in many railway networks throughout the world. The most significant slab track systems are analysed in detail and compared. Slab track designs have significant advantages comparing to ballasted tracks. The most significant are the high stability of the track, the almost non-existent need for maintenance, the long life cycle (60 years) and the reduced weight and height of the track. Their disadvantages against the ballasted tracks are mainly summarized in their higher construction costs. The Finite Element package ABAQUS/CAE is used to model a 3-D slab track design under static traffic loading. The results suggest that slab tracks have profoundly better stability and durability comparing to ballasted tracks mainly due to their higher stiffness and strength. The author underlines the need for further studies to undoubtedly prove the claimed advantages of slab track systems as well as to improve the costs associated with construction.
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