Optimising the Geogrid Reinforcement of Rail Track Ballast.

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Optimising the Geogrid Reinforcement of Rail Track Ballast.

Mensagem por Manuela » 08 Set 2016, 10:00

Autores: S.F. Brown, N.H. Thom, J. Kwan.

Although the use of high stiffness polymer geogrids to reinforce rail ballast has been practiced since the early’80s, the basic mechanisms involved in the reinforcing action have not, hitherto, been well understood. A wide ranging investigation was conducted with support from the Royal Society and several companies to optimize the design of a geogrid to give best performance in reducing the rate of settlement caused by railway vehicle loading. The experimental and theoretical work demonstrated an optimum geogrid aperture size of about 65mm for standard sized ballast and that geogrid stiffness is also an important parameter. Simulative experiments were conducted using a wide range of geogrids and the best performing material was demonstrated to provide a significant reduction in the rate of settlement when tested in the new Nottingham Railway Test Facility. The results have been confirmed by the initial data from a field trial which is the subject of a companion paper to this conference.
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