Shakedown analysis of soil materials based on an incremental approach

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Shakedown analysis of soil materials based on an incremental approach

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Autores: J. Wang, H.S. Yu & H.X. Li.

© Nottingham University Press
Proceedings of the International Conference on
Computing in Civil and Building Engineering
W Tizani (Editor).

In this paper, an incremental technique based on cyclic loading is developed to implement shakedown
analysis for soils in the framework of elastic-plastic analysis without utilization of the classical
shakedown theorems. A finite element model together with the use of ABAQUS is established for soil
structures subjected to cyclic loads, where the Mohr-Coulomb yield criterion with associated plastic
flow is assumed to capture the plastic behavior of soil materials. A criterion based on the plastic
dissipation energy is suggested to distinguish shakedown and non-shakedown status. Meanwhile, the
evolution of residual stresses during the whole process is examined for the better understanding of
shakedown phenomenon. The investigation of the plastic dissipation energy and the residual stresses
via elastic-plastic analysis provides a deep insight to the classical kinematic/static shakedown
theorems. The effect of soil parameters on shakedown limit is studied with the application to both
one-layered and two-layered soil foundations. Some possible failure modes of this soil structure under
cyclic loads have also been found. The proposed approach can bridge the gap between the traditional
elastic-plastic incremental analysis and the classical shakedown analysis and also provide the better
understanding of shakedown phenomenon. Moreover, this technique can be easily extended for nonstandard
materials such as non-associated or strain-hardening materials.
Keywords: shakedown analysis, plastic dissipation energy, ABAQUS, Mohr-Coulomb criterion.
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