Characterization of Rutting „Permanent Strain… Development of A-2-4 and A-4 Subgrade Soils under the HVS Loading

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Characterization of Rutting „Permanent Strain… Development of A-2-4 and A-4 Subgrade Soils under the HVS Loading

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Autores: Rongxia Wang; Fujie Zhou, Ph.D., P.E.; Dar-Hao Chen, Ph.D., P.E.; Gang Zheng, Ph.D.;
Tom Scullion, P.E.; and Lubinda F. Walubita, Ph.D.

Abstract: As part of a national pool funded study 208 on pavement subgrade performance, 12 full-scale test sections four soil types and
three moisture contents were constructed and tested under the heavy vehicle simulator HVS loading. This paper presents the HVS
results on two of the four soils tested: AASHTO Class A-2-4 and A-4 soils, respectively. From the results, it was found that the pavement
subgrade performance is a function of soil type, moisture content, and applied stress condition. Additionally, this paper also evaluated the
current mechanistic-empirical pavement design guide MEPDG subgrade rutting permanent strain model through comparing with the
actual measurements under the HVS loading. It was found that the MEPDG subgrade permanent strain model needs further improvement,
and that a single performance model may not be universally applicable to different subgrade soil types. Consequently, a new permanent
strain model for each soil type was developed in this paper, based on the HVS results, and that yielded better predictions. With further
validation and field calibration, the proposed models offer promising potential to accurately predict rutting behavior of these two soils.
DOI: 10.1061/ASCECF.1943-5509.0000107
CE Database subject headings: Deformation; Subgrades; Soils; Strain; Pavements; Load factors.
Author keywords: Rutting; Permanent deformation; Subgrade soil; HVS.
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