Railway track condition indicators from ground penetrating radar

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Railway track condition indicators from ground penetrating radar

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Autores: Theodore R. Sussmanna, Ernest T. Selig, James P. Hyslip.

Received 31 October 2001; accepted 7 March 2002.

Two embankments with track performance problems related to embankment instability were investigated. Both sites demonstrated
potential for GPR to identify substructure instability resulting in track settlement. The capability to non-destructively evaluate track
condition and diagnose the problem cause will ensure that ensuing maintenance addresses the root problem cause, thereby enhancing safety
and maintenance efficiency. Two characteristics of the GPR data from these two track performance problem locations were identified as
potential track condition indicators. These characteristics were applied to GPR data from a third location with observed performance
problems. The application of the condition indicators demonstrates potential for simplifying data interpretation.
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Keywords: Ground penetrating radar; Non-destructive testing; Railway track.
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